Behavior Based Interview

Getting to a Qualified Candidate

We all know interviews can be deceiving, right?

Candidates can tell you what you want to hear and even go so far as to embellish their accomplishments. It can be a real process just getting to a qualified candidate; we have found a great tool to help in this.

"Behavior Based Interviewing" requires the candidate to give specific examples of prior experience, matching the employers required skill with the candidate's on the job experience.

For example, if you are looking for a candidate that has strong leadership skills, we will use a question aimed at getting that skill revealed. That same question will be asked of all your potential candidates to keep consistency in our process. Using this process we can gain the insight gathered by this process to be secure in our decision to present a candidate to you.

Our goal is to provide enough information that you can feel comfortable moving forward on a candidate.

Thank you for your interest!